Thursday, June 3, 2010

Belle and Sebastian

Scottish twee is a regional genre of which I am a frequent listener: Shop Assistants and The Pastels helmed the scene in years gone by, and, most recently, Camera Obscura have taken the lead after years of Belle and Sebastian's making the most popular twee sounds around.

There has been a lull in Belle and Sebastian's production of music since their 2006 album The Life Pursuit. In that span of time, leader of the pack Stuart Murdoch has been steadily working on his God Help the Girl group/story/film project. However, Murdoch's fans would not be appeased by a new project; they sought a Belle and Sebastian record.

Thankfully, Murdoch and his old friends are getting back together and are in the process of finishing new music, promising fans a tour and a new album. A fresh album of jaunty, sweet songs is on the way. A release date has not been announced yet, but the promise is what counts.


Dear readers, this has been my final Art Rock post. It has been amusing to watercolor in the indie news that I follow so closely, putting to paintbrush the wealth of otherwise un-useful, obscure music trivia that I have been gathering. I have come away with a portfolio of portraits of people most of whom will not be recognized by name --let alone by face -- by the general public. So, if you happen to be a dedicated fan of any of my illustrated musicians, or any other in the indie category, I would happily take commissions.

Thank you for reading,

Jessi Finn