Thursday, April 29, 2010


Kele Okereke is best known for being the vocalist and guitarist for the lovelorn yet oh-so-dance-crazed British pop band Bloc Party. But now Kele can add solo artist to his pop résumé.

He is releasing a solo album, The Boxer, June 22 via Glassnote, and lucky for eager listeners, the first single has been released to the public. It's called "Tenderoni" -- a name that one would think would otherwise baffle iTunes but, in fact, more than one separate result is gained. Just try it.

Anyway, back to this specific song named "Tenderoni." Producer XXXchange of Spank Rock supplies a pulsating electro track to support Kele's vocals, which on more than one occasion spell out the peculiar song title. This song would fit right in at any sweaty disco where the people are colorful and the beverages are strong.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Department of Eagles

People went nearly mental over Grizzly Bear's album Veckitamest last year. And for good reason. It is a meticulously crafted, beautifully serene and creative album.

But one year prior I was thoroughly impressed by Department of Eagles In Ear Park -- an album I prefer over Veckitamest. Daniel Rossen, the second-in-command of Grizzly Bear and the first-in-command of Department of Eagles, creates songs with more energy than could have been expected from a Grizzly Bear album prior to Veckitamest's release. I think it was the extra dose of Rossen that made that album such a hit.

Needless to say I was quite excited when I heard that Department of Eagles is releasing another album. Due June 20, this album will be comprised of never-before-released (but not new) material. Archive 2003-2006 is a collection of songs and sounds Rossen and fellow Eagle Fred Nicolaus recorded after their 2003 debut The Cold Nose and prior to In Ear Park's 2008 release date.

"Brightest Minds" is the first track off the record that can be heard. It is a drum and piano-driven folk number with Rossen's soulful, raspy voice leading the way. If the whole album is as exciting as this song, it is sure to be another winning one.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Antlers

The Antlers' album Hospice was a beautifully bleak addition to 2009. Even though the album has managed to wriggle out of me a few uncomfortable contemplations of my own mortality, I am eager to hear more, and I am sure that many other people are, too.

Luckily for those seeking more emotive introspection, The Antlers have a couple more songs to share. And they are offering them for free.

New York Hospitals is the name of the two-song EP, which can be downloaded on the band's MySpace Page. The EP accompanies the new music video for Hospice song "Sylvia," which chronicles an agonizing relationship. This might not be the kind of music that you will want to listen to while you bask in the sun -- or maybe it is. Spending your relaxation hours in a state of existential crisis might be refreshing change of pace.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Corin Tucker

Corin Tucker was a guitarist and the vocalist with the vibrating roar for stellar threepiece Sleater-Kinney before they went on hiatus in 2006, having released their last album, The Woods, in 2005. Since then, drummer Janet Weiss has been focusing on band Quasi and guitarist/vocalist Carrie Brownstein has been writing NPR Music blog Monitor Mix; Brownstien has also been crafting comedy skits with Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen as the duo ThunderAnt.

Little, however, has been heard from Corin Tucker. But Tucker will be releasing her debut solo album on the Kill Rock Stars label sometime in the future. No release date or album title has yet been announced, but the real news here is that she is making music and her supreme sounding vocals will be experienced once more. She has mentioned The Slits, The Raincoats and The English Beat as stylistic reference points for the record, which is currently being recorded.

And a Sleater-Kinney reunion has not been ruled out, folks. It is always a possibility.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dum Dum Girls

After too many posts focusing on the males of indie music, I searched for some cool females I could draw. I was looking for females who rock and have irrepressible style to boot. And then I found some. Who better than Dum Dum Girls, whose Sub Pop debut I Will Be just came out March 30, to bring some serious garage rock, black leather jacket, red-orange lipstick energy to this blog?

Having only released a record few days ago, one would think new wares from Dum Dum Girls could not be expected for a few months at least. One would be thinking wrongly, my friend. Check your local independent record store shelves in two weeks and you might find a special surprise.

Dum Dum Girls will be releasing a split 7" with Sub Pop label-mates Male Bonding as part of the Record Store Day festivities on April 17. It is a day for all of us music freaks to show some serious appreciation for our independent record stores and reap the many releases that indie artists put out especially in honor of Record Store Day. Athens' own Haffa's Records is one of the many participating record stores, so stop by and take a gander at all the independent music confections that surround you.