Thursday, April 29, 2010


Kele Okereke is best known for being the vocalist and guitarist for the lovelorn yet oh-so-dance-crazed British pop band Bloc Party. But now Kele can add solo artist to his pop résumé.

He is releasing a solo album, The Boxer, June 22 via Glassnote, and lucky for eager listeners, the first single has been released to the public. It's called "Tenderoni" -- a name that one would think would otherwise baffle iTunes but, in fact, more than one separate result is gained. Just try it.

Anyway, back to this specific song named "Tenderoni." Producer XXXchange of Spank Rock supplies a pulsating electro track to support Kele's vocals, which on more than one occasion spell out the peculiar song title. This song would fit right in at any sweaty disco where the people are colorful and the beverages are strong.

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