Sunday, April 25, 2010

Department of Eagles

People went nearly mental over Grizzly Bear's album Veckitamest last year. And for good reason. It is a meticulously crafted, beautifully serene and creative album.

But one year prior I was thoroughly impressed by Department of Eagles In Ear Park -- an album I prefer over Veckitamest. Daniel Rossen, the second-in-command of Grizzly Bear and the first-in-command of Department of Eagles, creates songs with more energy than could have been expected from a Grizzly Bear album prior to Veckitamest's release. I think it was the extra dose of Rossen that made that album such a hit.

Needless to say I was quite excited when I heard that Department of Eagles is releasing another album. Due June 20, this album will be comprised of never-before-released (but not new) material. Archive 2003-2006 is a collection of songs and sounds Rossen and fellow Eagle Fred Nicolaus recorded after their 2003 debut The Cold Nose and prior to In Ear Park's 2008 release date.

"Brightest Minds" is the first track off the record that can be heard. It is a drum and piano-driven folk number with Rossen's soulful, raspy voice leading the way. If the whole album is as exciting as this song, it is sure to be another winning one.

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