Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain Machine

Kyp Malone, the wonderfully coiffed, bearded and spectacled member of TV on the Radio, has a new solo project called Rain Machine. His album is out now, and it is lovely: very TV on the Radio, believe it or not (said with casual sarcasm), but it does evolve into more of a naturalistic, folktastic affair -- with sleigh bells abound -- than the epic TV on the Radio sound collages.

In support of the debut album, Rain Machine will be opening for the Pixies, who will be performing their Doolittle album in its entirety on this U.S. tour after making a run of it overseas. It should be quite fantastic. Apparently too fantastic for Ohio; no dates are scheduled to be taking place in this glorious state. New York or bust, I guess.

(P.S. Although I did find this news to be interesting and worth discussing, my real motive for posting this news was the desire to illustrate Kyp in all his ultra stylish glory. He's one cool kid.)

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