Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Joanna Newsom

My favorite harp player-- first in a category that otherwise only includes Harpo Marx-- has a lot in the works.

Joanna's new album is due February 23. Have One on Me is a peculiar album title from a harpist and songwriter who sings about cockles and cowries and sawdust and diamonds, but nonetheless, this is the confirmed title. Nothing but loveliness can be expected, as that is Joanna's specialty, but the album title, which only conjures images of bar room flirtations, does seem like a bizarre choice.

Joanna will be playing multiple shows in Ohio in support of Have One on Me. She will be at Columbus' Southern Theatre on March 29 (tickets are on sale now, so snatch them up while you can), and she will be playing the MusicNOW Festival in Cincinnati on March 30.

Don't miss an opportunity to see Joanna. How many times a year do you have the chance to catch an indie harp concert? Few, indeed.

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