Thursday, May 27, 2010

Best Coast

If you ask me, the weather is unbearably hot, and recreationaly drying in the sun is not my cup of iced tea. Summer is not my season, and any beach is the place I like the least.

But summer songs -- when played in air-conditioned quarters -- do allow me to escape my angst and enjoy what the summer has to offer: sugary, nostalgic tunes. Best Coast's songs add a dirty dose of angsty lo-fi to California pop. Start with "When I'm With You." And if it's not stuck in your head after one listen, you don't know catchy.

Best Coast, led by Bethany Cosentino, is releasing its debut album in the summertime after plenty of sunny singles.

A pastel boombox, some plastic sunglasses and this yet-to-be titled album may just reverse my mean streak and make me think twice about beachcombing.

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