Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yes, dears, I realize that much of this week's focus is on The Arcade Fire--that flock of multi-instrumentalist Canadians who recently released tidbits of a few new tracks from their desperately anticipated third full-length album.

But I find it impossible to pass up the chance to illustrate an afro or discuss intriguing collaborations, and The Roots have offered up a two-for-one offer. Thank you, sirs.

The Roots' forthcoming album, How I Got Over, is set for release on June 22 via Def Jam and is expected to feature a host of enthralling artists. Most recently, Dirty Projectors' gorgeous singers and harmony specialists, Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle and Angel Deradoorian, were pictured hanging out in the recording studio in a Questlove-tweeted video. And this collaboration comes as no surprise for those of us who have seen the video he previously shot of Dirty Projectors backstage at "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." These girls mesmerize with their fantastical webs of harmonies, and Questlove was rightfully impressed.

Also slated for appearances on the album are the captivating -- and previously illustrated -- Joanna Newsom and the two-band man Jim James (My Morning Jacket/Monsters of Folk).

The benefit of being a late-night talk show house band is now clear: it comes with the chance to gain the contributions of the show's musical guests on your latest record. Well, at least if you're a respected group like The Roots, there's a chance that that plan might work, and it has for them. They are some smart fellows.

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